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Wireless lighting controls, building a system that can grow with you

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Key customer values

The requirement of Modern Technologies is more than ever important in meeting mental health needs, employees are now prioritising safety, security, and wellbeing within their workplace and homes.

The impact of Covid-19 has fast forwarded the requirement of flexible spaces, moving from a static workplace structure now into a hybrid workplace environment, sharing spaces or simply having a space which can be configured to meet multi tasks.

Employers and building owners now require system customisation that reflects value for their staff and clients.

As Holders Technology here in Australia, we offer Casambi enabled lighting control solutions supported by our trusted team. Now with the global reach of the Holders Technology family.

Casambi is now the only wireless solution to offer the user the opportunity to configure their own lighting environment and is not limited due to traditional wiring configurations.

Casambi technology can be added to any luminaire, we are independent from luminaire manufacturers

Casambi is not reliant on a WIFI network, you do not lose controls when your WIFI fails

Luminaires can be changed or replaced, then simply added to the Casambi network

Operate your lighting controls from your phone, tablet, wired/ wireless switch. Or simply all of them

Expansion or configuration, any changes or additions can be made without the need of installing additional control cabling or switches

Task lighting or individual employee requirements – changes can be made per luminaire

Establish scene-based lighting automation, available by time or date

Customer data analysis are available, occupancy and luminaire performance

Local Australia technical support through our installer partners

Our Services

When you engage Holders Technology for your lighting control solution, you become a Casambi customer.

Throughout Australia we have a network of Casambi installer partners, these partners have been trained and are supported by the Holders Technology AU team.

The ability for the customer to update their own lighting configuration or simply contact us to support commissioning or system updates.

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location: Bielefeld, Germany
Customer: GoldBeck
Luminaires: Varied
Outcome: 58% Energy Savings

GOLDBECK, a large company in the public and commercial building sector, stands for a fast building process and sustainable, intelligent building technologies. Casambi caught their attention as a lighting control system that they could standardize into their planning strategies, so they tried it out in one of their plants.

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Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice
location: Glasgow, Scotland
Lighting Design: ALS
Luminaires: Varied
Casambi nodes: 900
Outcome: Leading edge circadian lighting control system

The inspiration for the lighting design concept stemmed from the vision that The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice had for future care of patients and their families. Our clients aim was to bring 21st-century hospice care to the people of Glasgow and provide a major step forward in the provision of palliative care services, providing the flexibility to develop and improve services and lower age limits to include 16-year-old patients and their families.

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The War Museum

The War Museum
location: Overloon, Netherlands
Lighting design: Timo Verhoeven
Luminaires: CLS
Casambi nodes: 350+
Outcome: An expandable control system, the basic control stays simple, accessible and intuitive

The Warmuseum Overloon is situated in Overloon, The Netherlands. The museum consists of over 10,000 square meters and is home to many military vehicles, including a massive aircraft. The War Museum shows the history of the Second World War, and visitors can see how occupied countries and people lived during this time.

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Bodleian Library, Oxford University

Bodleian Library, Oxford University
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Lighting Design and Consulting: Urban Jungle Energy & Engineering, Tyson Lighting
Luminaires: Existing
Casambi Nodes: 192
Outcome: Enhancement of lighting functionality of the space without disturbing the original architecture

The Bodleian Library at Oxford University is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and has parts that date back to 1487. It is the main research library of the University of Oxford and holds over 12 million items, occupying five buildings.

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