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Future proof your client’s installation, lighting controls are now accessible for small to large application

Grow your business with Casambi technology

Casambi provides all the control options that are expected from a full-featured professional lighting control solution.

Stand out from the rest and offer Casambi enabled solutions to your customers, be rewarded when your customer refers your business capability to a future client.

Making lighting controls accessible – Casambi is now available for you to add to your project as a value-added proposition to your electrical installation.



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Providing leading lighting solutions, fastest growth bluetooth technology

Future proofing the installation

Lighting control without the need of control cabling

Less cabling required, limitations removed based on building changes

Luminaires can be operated individual or by groups

Commissioning or any changes can be changed locally or remotely

Efficiencies of installation - simply supply a power feed to each Casambi enabled luminaire

Installation can be completed quickly, less time on site

No need to install cabling from the luminaire to a switch

A wireless switch can be located anywhere within the environment, and moved if needed

240V switched controls can be converted to Casambi

Have the functionality of a push button standard switch with wireless controls

Battery-free wireless switches available

No need to change wireless switch batteries

No additional switchboard requirements for relays etc

No need to up-size the switchboard to accommodate wired lighting controls

Suitable for existing applications

Upgrading existing applications with the benefits of a brand new lighting control system (no additional wiring)

Remove fault finding of wired control systems

If the Casambi enable luminaire is visible, then it can be controlled

Technical support available within New Zealand, backed by international team (UK based)

Local support available from your Casambi team

All types of LED or fluorescent luminaires can be convert to Casambi

Luminaire design and functionality is available, upgrading a luminaire to become Casambi enabled is simple

Each Casambi network can be operated to a maximum of 250 Casambi enabled luminaires

A building site can have multiple networks, this could be per tenant or floor level

Casambi sensors can be added for occupancy switching or daylight harvesting controls

Energy savings are achieved through daylight dimming controls, occupancy detection, sunrise/sunset timers

Scene control, timers, custom themes can be set based on day/night requirements

Customised controls are available – including scene animations, time relevant settings, seasons or different activities

Connecting a sensor or switch to a luminaire up to 50 meters away - no cabling required

Exterior luminaires and sensors can now be controlled up to 50 meters away

Retrofit – Unable to get a control feed to a luminaire? Simply use Casambi

Ongoing scalability – Simply add or convert another luminaire to Casambi network

Security lighting - occupancy controls, lighting to provide on-site employee safety

Total flexibility of lighting controls, customised to your client requirements

On-site Commissioning
Technical Support
Customer Training

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Lululemon, Harrods

Lululemon, Harrods
location: London, United Kingdom
Architect: Bisset Adams
Luminaires: Reggiani

In a retail environment, lighting and the control of lighting are key when a retail area is regularly changed with new merchandise. In Lululemon’s case, the combination of Reggiani lighting and Casambi controls this has been revised to the delight of the staff in the “store within a Store” in Harrods,London.

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Mazda Warrington

Mazda Warrington
location: Warrington, United Kingdom
Lighting Design & Consulting: Cundall Consulting
Luminaires: Feilo Sylvania
Casambi nodes: CBU-ASD

The Mazda shop in Warringon, England has sold new Mazda cars since 1992. Out of the 130 UK dealers for Mazda, the Warrington location was the first one to update the showroom with a new lighting control solution from Casambi.

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Island Escape

Island Escape
location: Gotland, Sweden
Luminaires: Orbium

A well-known music artist and a photographer built their summer house on the island of Gotland outside the coast of Sweden. The place can be symbolized as the couple’s on/off button; it is a place for silence, solitude, tranquillity and relaxing as well as a place for gathering with friends for great, vivid and happy parties.

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Al DOHO Quarter renewal

Al DOHO Quarter renewal
location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Lighting Designer: ALS
Luminaires: Feilo Sylvania
Casambi Nodes: 947

The origins of the Al Doho Quarter renewal lie in local authorities’ ambitious plan to completely reconstruct the ancient village of Al Doho, situated in Riyadh. During the ’60s and ’70s, the Al Doho had been absorbed by urban development, destroying most of the buildings and leaving very little of the old walls.

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