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Holders provides independent lighting control solutions tailored for your future projects.

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By making lighting controls accessible, we believe this

Enables good lighting design

Provides operational benefits

Enhances wellbeing in the lit environment

Casambi Advantages

Bluetooth low energy mesh network (independent of WIFI)

Standalone software platform, not aligned to luminaire manufacturers

Provide complete flexibility for luminaire product solutions, for the engineer, consultant, architect and client

Future proof lighting controls, by providing luminaires with individual control then you are able to make site configurations based on a change of working environments or site configuration

Significant energy savings through scheduling and demand responses

Better occupant experience in task tuning and personal control of light level management

Improve building operations available through luminaires' providing performance data, helping tune the system as well as critical health data that enables predictive maintenance

No Wires Required

Without the need to pull wires, wireless network lighting controls offer significantly lower deployment costs. Decreased labour and material costs, minimum disruption to business operations during installation, and reduced ongoing maintenance costs combine to bring substantial savings to building owners and managers, particularly in retrofits.


The ideal network lighting control system is often one that can start small and then scale, in both functionality and size. Once deployed, wireless systems are far more extensible than wired counterparts and can more easily add advanced controls and expand to meet changing business needs and occupant requirements.


The cost of deploying, or even piloting, legacy networked lighting control systems has limited their adoption. Bluetooth® mesh removes the need for centralized controllers, lowering the cost of componentry and reducing upfront labor and installation expenses, allowing designers and specifiers to quickly deliver value to building owners and end users.


With Bluetooth® technology native in 100% of smartphones and tablets, system integrators and installers can use simple, user-friendly, commissioning apps that communicate directly with nodes on the network, eliminating the need for specialized engineering expertise as well as internet access and cloud platforms to support installation and operation of the system.


Wireless systems allow for placements of equipment where distance restrictions or accessibility would make a wired solution impractical, if not impossible. In addition, wires are fixed, but spaces and layouts changes, and lighting control systems must adapt with them. Wireless systems are more easily reconfigurable and provide superior flexibility compared with wired offerings.


The same Bluetooth® radio embedded in lighting control devices can also be used to implement advanced building services, such as indoor navigation and asset tracking, enabling networked lighting control systems to shift from a single-function solution to a platform for data-driven smart building services that bring benefits far beyond illumination.


Best-In-Class Scale, Performance & Reliability

Bluetooth® mesh networking was specifically designed with large-scale networked lighting control implementations in mind. Three key features help separate the scale, performance, and reliability of Bluetooth mesh from other wireless lighting control technologies and provide the resiliency needed by installers, building managers, and end-users in commercial installations.

  • A decentralized control architecture distributes intelligence to all end devices, eliminating single points of failure to prevent system-level outages

  • A unique publish/subscribe message addressing approach significantly lowers messaging traffic on the network, leading to greater network scale and performance

  • A managed flood message relay approach enables lighting networks to scale to thousands of nodes while maintaining high performance and reliability


Ulster Hospital

ulster Hospital
location: Belfast, Ireland
Lighting Design & Consulting: Cundall Consulting
Luminaires: ERCO
Casambi Nodes: 9 000+

The Ulster Hospital Acute Services Block, a newly constructed eight-story building with over 31,000m2 of floor space, was recently completed. A prime objective from the start was better patient wellbeing. The  Casambi  wireless, Bluetooth-based lighting control plays an integral role in meeting this goal.

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Relighting BBC

relighting bbc
location: London, United Kingdom
Lighting Design and Consulting: WILA Lighting/ Holders Technology
Luminaires: Varied
Casambi nodes: 10 000+

BBC installs Casambi wireless lighting controls across the UK. Nine major sites – including the broadcaster’s London HQ – will benefit from the Casambi’s slick, intuitive, app-based lighting control harnessing Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh.

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Design Offices

Design Offices
location: Munich, Germany
Lighting Design and Consulting: Occhio
Luminaires: Varied

Located in Bogenhausen, Munich stands Bavaria Towers, a four-tower complex that houses several offices and hospitality spaces. Design Offices, a co-working space company, occupies seven floors of the highest building. Design Offices wanted to offer modern working solutions, with flexibility having prominence in the co-working space concept and Occhio’s lighting concept.

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Royal Academy of Arts

Royal Academy of Arts
Location: London, United Kingdom
Lighting Design and Consulting: Arup
Luminaires/ Drivers: iGuzzini and eldoLED
Casambi Nodes: 4 000

The Main Galleries in the Royal Academy of Arts’s Burlington House building host world-class exhibitions, with recent highlights including Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor and The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters.

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Bodleian Library, Oxford University

Bodleian Library, Oxford University
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Lighting Design and Consulting: Urban Jungle Energy and Engineering, Tyson Lighting
Luminaires: Existing
Casambi Nodes: 192

The Bodleian Library at Oxford University is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and has parts that date back to 1487. It is the main research library of the University of Oxford and holds over 12 million items, occupying five buildings.

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